Ant & Dec

Ant & Dec are 4 year old cross breed neutered male goats. They originally came in to the rescue as there owner no longer had the time to dedicate to them.
Not long after arrival the pair found an amazing new home on the Isle of Wight, they had gone to be a companion to a horse who had just lost his goat pal! It was a match made in heaven until the boys took their grooming responsibilities far too seriously and started to eat his mane and tail. They were separated, but could see each other but sadly both partied became depressed. So we thought it would be better for the boys to return to the rescue.
Since being back, they have been back in with our herd and it appears that they do try this on all horses, but most will not let them, we have one gelding who will not only let them eat his mane and tail, but let them climb on him to reach the better browse!
I am not going to lie, these two are naughty, despite all training they still do not understand ( well chose not to!) the word no! If your car is open, they will climb in, if you leave the feed shed open for a micro second they are in it and if they want to go somewhere and you are in the way they pretty much go either side of you and take you with them!
They have zero malice in them, they are just Ant & Dec! These guys need to go to a home that knows goats! They also need to have the setup for goats. All new potential owners must have a CPH number.
It is really hard to quantify how much these guys cost to keep on a monthly basis as it all depends on what set up you have.

Ant & Dec are neutered, vaccinated, micro chipped and up to day with all fly and worming treatments. If you feel you could offer Ant and Dec a home email [email protected]