Seven – Has now gone to an amazing new home in Gosport!

Seven is a 3 year old Spanish Podenco, red and white neutered female. Seven came in to the rescue as unfortunately her owners health resulted in her being unable to care for her.

Seven is a testament to her previous owner, she is a wonderful love bug! Seven is very much like a puppy, she has zero malice, but has no lead discipline, will jump at people and kiss them on the mouth, she will work top surf and her recall when she see’s a small furry needs work! Any new owner will need to be committed to taking her on a puppy training course, this is non negotiable, (Due to the XL Bulleys the dog world is about to have a big change and this has really shown how we have to have all of our dogs under control. Just saying my dog is friendly is not an acceptable, we should have control of our dogs at all times. Plus dog training helps to build an amazing bond with your new dog.)

Seven is great with children, however due to her jumping up, we would only be happy with her going with children 6+, she is good with cats, NOT good with small furies, good with horses, goats and sheep. Seven MUST go to a home with another dog, the only time she has shown separation anxiety was when she was on her own. With a canine companion Seven can be left for up to 4 hours.

Any new home would have to have a secure garden with 6ft fencing as Seven is very athletic and although she is not an escape artist, if she saw a squirrel go over a 4 foot fence she would spring over after it.

The predicted monthly costs of owning Seven are as follows:

Monthly vet plan (this will cover flea treatment, worming, vaccinations and more) £18

Food: Seven is currently on a mix of wet and dry, we always purchase good quality dog food, but get what is generally on offer. To check the standard of a dog food visit we spend around £25 a month on her food.

Insurance: £27.00

Dog training: A complete course is £100 to £150 depending on where you go.

Seven is fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, up to date with all flea treatment and wormer and comes with 5 weeks free insurance. If you feel you could offer Seven a home email [email protected]

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