Lola is off to the specialist vets for her heart scan and then fingers crossed all being well her dental.

Lola’s breed are prone to Mitral Valve Disease ( It is super important before we rehome her we check the status of her heart so that any new owner can have all the information regarding her health status, this will enable any potential adopters to make an informed decision. Lola will require heart medication at some point in her life and this will be quite costly and this is likely to be uninsurable due to being an existing condition.

Secondly any aesthetic puts pressure on the heart so before she undergoes a large dental it is important that the vets know what they are dealing with, so they can manage her safely while she is under.

If anyone would like to donate towards the vet treatment of the animals in our care follow the link to our donation page! We really appreciate every penny that is donated to us.

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