Whinny, Turnip, Burrito, Yara and Sawyer. Sadly we lost Sawyer before she found her forever home! However we are pleased to say the other 4 girls have found the most wonderful home in Romsey! We are all so please for them xx

Yara is a 9 month old female, Whinny is a 9 month old female, Turnip is a 9 month old female, Sawyer is a 17 month old female and Burrito is a 17 month old female.

This lovely bunch of girls are not related, but are very much a family unit and will only be rehomed together.
Sawyer is the older Sassy girl, who is the boss of the group, she is the mummy figure to the others, however she can be aloof with humans and handling is on her terms.
Burrito enjoys a cuddle and is a sweet girl with a heart on her back.
Whinny is very friendly and loves a cuddle and a fuss.
Turnip is a ginger cotton ball, she can be shy but she loves a fuss.
Yara is the cheeky one of the group, she likes to try and escape at any opportunity!!

They are a super group little group of bonded girls, they love chasing the toothbrush up and down the cage and have a lot of fun free-roaming, a fabulous little group of mischief.
The two older girls do suffer with upper respiratory disease, this is sadly common with mass produced rats for the pet trade. They are non infectious and are happy in themselves, they just sound a little rattly. The three younger ones were thankfully bred by a hobby breeder and are much healthier.

If you think you could offer Yara, burrito, sawyer Whinny and Turnip a home, email [email protected]

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