The lovely Janina sadly gained her angel wings yesterday and has gone across Rainbow bridge.

Janina came in to the rescue with her sister Mala. They were the first two bunnies rescued from a fur and meat farm that was being closed down due to the inhumane conditions the animals were kept in.
The breed were designed for the meat industry and are prone to heart disease and heart attacks. Despite our best efforts to keep their hearts healthy she sadly passed due to a heart attack.

We are now going to take Mala off our adoptions list while we try and pair her with another bunny. Mala is extremely nervous, due to her poor start her eyes are underdeveloped and her vision is poor, so this may take some time. Fingers cross we can find her a new companion.

We are sad that Janina never found her forever home, but she as least learnt what good care is!

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